Drs. Anne Sookhoo
Psychologist / Therapist. Amersfoort, The Netherlands. e-mail: anne.sookhoo@free.fr. Mobile: +31 (0)6 1878 9147

My qualifications and experience

Born in Surinam from Indian stock, I received my schooling in the Netherlands and academic training at the Universities of  Leiden and Amsterdam: Bachelors in Psychology, History, and Masters 2 in Clinical Psychology. My internship

and thesis were about the Psychological effects of migration and mental health.

I worked for several years at the institute of mental health in Amsterdam (RIAGG), while doing my specialization in Health Psychology, after which I moved to the French Riviera.

Here I also trained individuals in groups and for companies like Dow Agro. In the meantime I continued my training, expanding my work and skills.

And tuning into the need on the ‘Côte’ I co-founded in 2010  the association Cancer Support Group 06, based at the Grange in Mouans Sartoux (link)

I’m listed in the Dutch National Health Department’s B.I.G. register

which requires therapists to practise by a set of professional rules and obligations. Therefore clients are ensured of  transparency and legal recourse.