Psychotherapist Drs. Anne Sookhoo
Drs. Anne Sookhoo, clinical psychologist. Villeneuve-Loubet, France. e-mail: Mobile: +33 (0)669 337 840

Drs. Anne Sookhoo, clinical psychologist

Villeneuve-Loubet, France


mobile: +33 669 337 840

How to get there

9 Allée de la Pierre à Tambour

Domaine Les Hauts de Vaugrenier

06270, Villeneuve-Loubet

GPS: If entering ‘Allée de la Pierre a Tambour’ does not work, use the main ‘Avenue des Hauts de Vaugrenier’.

Entering the domain

At the gate: The right lane is reserved for registered residents. The left lane is reserved for visitors.

Follow the main Avenue des Hauts de Vaugrenier until the end. The Allée de la Pierre à Tambour branches off to the right.

Watch out, the numbering is illogical.

Take the very first footpath to your right (paved in dark red asphalt). Immediately turn right again, past the letterboxes opposite number 5. Turn left and descend the flights of steps to the bottom. Number 9 is on the left.